• Colour care do’s and don’ts

    ✔ Ask Stylist for product recommendations. Colour preserving products are designed to help maintain the longevity and shine of your hair colour, and if you have any questions about which product is going to be best for you, your stylist is happy to help. ✔ Expect your colour to fade. Whether it’s a permanent or semi-permanent, all hair colour fades.  Although permanent colour pigment will remain in the hair unless it is lifted out, the vibrancy and depth will start to fade after a period of time. ✔ Protect your hair with a  salon quality colour shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner made specifically for colour treated hair not only…

  • Shades of Blue

    A slightly more risqué hair trend for  fall is to add either a touch of blue,  in the form of colour highlights/lowlights, ombre, or a peek-a-boo, or a rich, full head colour. Some such hues include a deep navy, turquoise (see below), indigo, or frosty gray-blue (see above). Deep ash mixed with faded blue is another beautiful option for this wintery look. For the wilder at heart, a more vibrant option. Blue also suits a variety of hairstyles and lengths.

  • Fall Hair Trends: Silvery Lengths

    Forging ahead with inspirational hair ideas for fall, we come to a shade that many of us try to avoid: GREY Once seen as something one should always attempt to cover, shades of Grey, Silver, and Ash are now intentionally being introduced into modern hair adventures!