• Professional versus drugstore shampoo: what’s really in the bottle?

    There are two types of people in this world: the ones who read the label on the shampoo bottle and those who simply wash their hair. And there are two types of shampoos: professional products and drugstore finds. Label-reader or not, have you ever wondered what the ingredients in your shampoo really do? What’s the difference between the lather you get at the salon and the lather you get at home?   At Manzer, like most salons, we use professional products. And for good reason. It’s not so we can sell pricey shampoo to our customers, it’s because they’re simply better. We love Kevin.Murphy shampoo, conditioner and styling products and…

  • Colour care do’s and don’ts

    ✔ Ask Stylist for product recommendations. Colour preserving products are designed to help maintain the longevity and shine of your hair colour, and if you have any questions about which product is going to be best for you, your stylist is happy to help. ✔ Expect your colour to fade. Whether it’s a permanent or semi-permanent, all hair colour fades.  Although permanent colour pigment will remain in the hair unless it is lifted out, the vibrancy and depth will start to fade after a period of time. ✔ Protect your hair with a  salon quality colour shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner made specifically for colour treated hair not only…

  • The NEW Manzer Style Blog

    The new Manzer blog will now include trend reports, style ideas, and other inspirational hair-related news. The first topic in this series is upcoming hair trends for fall which brings us to discuss… The modern Pageboy cut! Now don’t be afraid, this style can be very classy and youthful at the same time. Somehow sweet but professional simultaneously, the pageboy is low maintenance and especially flattering to round and heart-shaped faces. Worn short or long, in darker and lighter shades, the look has the same versatile quality. The ears may be covered or exposed… …and suits a variety of skin tones.

  • Shades of Blue

    A slightly more risqué hair trend for  fall is to add either a touch of blue,  in the form of colour highlights/lowlights, ombre, or a peek-a-boo, or a rich, full head colour. Some such hues include a deep navy, turquoise (see below), indigo, or frosty gray-blue (see above). Deep ash mixed with faded blue is another beautiful option for this wintery look. For the wilder at heart, a more vibrant option. Blue also suits a variety of hairstyles and lengths.

  • Fall Hair Trends: Silvery Lengths

    Forging ahead with inspirational hair ideas for fall, we come to a shade that many of us try to avoid: GREY Once seen as something one should always attempt to cover, shades of Grey, Silver, and Ash are now intentionally being introduced into modern hair adventures!